Kits approach to Sustainable Branded Merch

Branded Merch drives happiness. Whether they spark surprise, serve as a vehicle to promote your brand or nurture special connections, they naturally make people smile. Due to their instantaneous effect, it’s easy to only think about the positive impact they have. However, we’re no fools to the fact that all this happiness comes at a cost. Kit, we’re setting out to make Branded Merch not only a joyful act, but a responsible one, too.

Branded Merch that doesn’t cost the earth?

Merch as a love language can come with a receipt of considerate social-environmental impact. Between Christmas and New Year’s in 2021, there is a reported a 25% increase in household waste. In the UK, 21 million people receive at least one unwanted gift each Christmas, with around 5% percent thrown away shortly after. Don’t even get us started on returning gifts… Iareless campaigns that evoke mass consumerism and materialistic behaviours only reinforce this trend. We’re constantly targeted by ads as we scroll, and that’s paired with environmental doomsdays like Click frenzy and now even black friday ( thanks ‘Merica) — the yearly fuel added to the fire of mindless and wasteful spending. With all these challenges, it’s hard to know where to look.

Merch, Better

To start acting right, we used last year to look inwards. Through conversations among our team, but also by talking to a broad pool of people who share our mission in bringing better Branded Merch at scale. We’ve listened to our suppliers, and customers and together selected key responsibility topics to work on. Some help us take extra care of potential risks, and some are actionable ways we can be a vehicle for change. Either way, it’s a promise not only to ourselves but to everyone who supports us.

This process provided us with a clear aim. “Merch Better’ isn’t just about promotional products but rather a holistic approach that prioritizes the planet first, and people always.

 To do so, we’ve formed three sustainability promises that provide real paths towards becoming a platform that fuels responsible Branded Merchandise. We’re pleased to introduce you to them below, as they guide us towards better gifting, at scale, for companies that care about both the planet and people.

Promise 1: Sourcing sustainably-made, long-lasting Merch

We’re a picky bunch of people. Our gifts are carefully curated and delightfully bespoke, and in our minds ‘Merch Better’ means we have to consider the sourcing, shipping and impact gifts have on the environment and society.

Since the beginning of 2022, we have expanded our Eco Range of Merch On top of that, we screen our suppliers to avoid any risky business practices. Merch need to be kind to the earth throughout the entire production process.

It goes without saying that working with like-minded people is extremely important to us. So if a supplier doesn’t properly align with our standards and policies, we reevaluate the relationship, as they indirectly represent our work and overall sustainability goals.

Promise 2: Shipping Merch with planet-friendly processes and materials

Our aim is to leave a large impact with a small footprint. To do this, we work closely with our logistical partners to use the most sustainable shipping and packing methods possible. At the moment, we’re working on assessing and improving the carbon footprint of our operations. This includes a reduction plan (more details to come), which will be followed by actions to offset unavoidable emissions.

Promise 3: Encouraging positive social and environmental impact through Branded Merch

Care and connection can be displayed in intangible ways and sometimes, the perfect product is an effort towards selflessness. We love to design Merch campaigns with our customers that 

provide a moment of inspiration, reflection or action towards social and environmental causes.

As a default, we always recommend an Eco Promotional Product.


You have our word

There you have it — our three sustainability promises. Pillars that will guide us towards a more responsible gifting lifecycle with a couple of insights into our current state of affairs.

One important thing to note: the above strategy is a work in progress. There will always be improvements to be made. But its unpolished state doesn’t mean we won’t transparently share all the actions as we take from now moving forward. We have to remind ourselves that small steps lead to big change; that it’s really about focusing on doing what you can, where you can, whenever you can. So that’s what we’ll do.